Friday, March 30, 2007


Can't get to the library? The library will come to you!

Bookmobile service is available in all three counties. Check out the schedules.

Bookmobiles are little libraries on wheels and have a long tradition of service in the United States. There are bookmobiles of various types world wide...even by camel in Kenya and pulled by donkey in Zimbabwe.

The bookmobiles here carry a selection of books for children, teens and adults, large print books, paperbacks, audios and videos.

You can use your library card or register for service on the bookmobile. You can request books and other library materials and we'll bring them to you.

Bookmobile service is free, just like your public library.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Children love to listen to stories and they can listen to a story on the telephone from your library.

By calling the Dial a Story line, young children can listen to a story. Put the phone on speakerphone and you can hear it too. Stories are for young children and are changed weekly.

Stories last 3-4 minutes so it is a good way to engage children when you have a short task to do. Getting a snack ready for them, last minute preparations before you leave home; there are many opportunities to fit in a short story. Dial up a story and your child is involved in listening, a good skill to cultivate.

The toll free number is ...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Antiques and Collectibles

Antiques Roadshow is one of the most popular TV shows on PBS. Many people want to know what their antique is worth...we all wish for one that we paid little for and is now worth thousands.

The library has a new online database, PriceIt!, in which you can value your antiques and collectibles. The database includes millions of records and tells you current values and prices for your similar items. You can easily search by keyword.

I have an antique pie safe made in the Eastlake style. Putting in the keyword "Eastlake" yields over 2000 entries. That's too many to look through but it gives you an idea of the scope of the information. To get better results I'll have to be more specific in my keyword.

The database is available through the library's webpage either at the library or remotely from home. All you need is your library barcode when accessing PriceIt! from home.

The libraries have many books on antiques and collectibles too. Look in the nonfiction 745.1 section.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Children and Libraries

Have you checked on programs for children at the libraries?

Long before children start to read on their own, they love to listen to stories. Interacting with your child with a good book is a way to instill the love of reading in your child. Even the youngest children benefit from exposure to books and stories.

Holding a book, feeling its texture, learning that we turn pages in a certain way all contribute to reading readiness. The more a parent can do when a child is young, the better ready a child is to start reading on their own when the time is right for that child.

Your library has many books for children, from the youngest to those reading on their own. Library staff will be able to assist you in selecting books of interest to you and your child.

There are many programs for preschoolers now and in the summer libraries concentrate more on programs for school age children. Check back for that schedule.