Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thank you Florida!

Florida public libraries receive an appropriation from the State Legislature each year that is used to supplement local funding. Libraries all over the state use this money for books, programs and services for residents.

In this tough budget year, this State Aid to Libraries was in danger. Money was requested but at the last minute in negotiations it was decided not to allocate any money for libraries. This would have been difficult for libraries all over the state and disastrous for libraries in our three county area.

But the people of Florida responded positively. Citizens all over the state called, emailed and even visited state legislators and Governor Crist with the message that this 'zeroing out of library funds' should not happen. Library users told them how important libraries were to their lives.

After a weekend of back and forth negotiations between the Florida House and Florida Senate a resolution was reached. State funding is back in the budget. The legislators of Florida listened to its citizens.

Remaining is the final vote on the budget by the legislators this week, and signing of the budget by Governor Crist.

You did it Florida!