Wednesday, August 12, 2009


No, not Michael Jackson, but books that are ‘thrillers.’

This is a popular genre of fiction books (and movies and television) , whose plots include fast pacing, action and resourceful heroes who must thwart the bad guys.

The International Thrillwriters organization has awarded their 2009 best thriller award to Jeffrey Deaver for The Bodies Left Behind. In this book the detective and the witness to a murder learn that in order to survive and outwit the murderers as they are pursued through the Wisconsin woods, they must learn to trust each other. Readers of this genre will recognize that Jeffrey Deaver is well deserving of this award.

Other authors honored in previous years include Robert Harris, James Patterson, and Christopher Reich. You’ll find books by all of these authors in the library.

The thrillwriters have their own website, of course, and if you’d like more suggestions for books of this type, visit their website or ask library staff for recommendations.