Friday, May 25, 2007

Listen to a book.

Do you remember long trips in the family car during summer vacation?

What did you do to pass the time while traveling? Games, counting cars, spotting license plates? Or did you read a book?

Reading a book is still an option as are other time tested ways to pass the time in the car. Some vehicles even have DVD players now.

Another way to make time pass quickly is to listen to a book. Your public library has many books on audio cassette or compact disk...something for everyone...all ages and tastes.

For families traveling together there are many books that both children and parents will enjoy. Classics such as Black Beauty to current books such as the Harry Potter series are available.
The libraries have many book and audio combinations that are good for young children. The stories are shorter and children can turn the pages of the books and look at the pictures as they listen to the story.

For adults traveling without children a wide range of fiction and non-fiction audios will get you to your destination (or work) quickly. All recorded books are read by professional readers (many times they are actors) who have a knack for reading with many voices. One reader, but you would think there are many people recording...not so...the readers are just so talented.