Monday, June 4, 2007

This is the week!

Libraries in Florida and in our three counties have been preparing for several months...and now is the time summer programs start to appear.

Florida uses a statewide theme for summer programs (this year : Read All About It) and each library develops the local programs as they want. The State Library provides us with program guides and incentives for children. The incentives this year are paper book bags , a popular item year after year, and of course bookmarks.

I've mentioned before the importance of keeping children reading during the summer. Most children need a grown-up to take them to the library. They either live too far away to walk or ride their bikes to the library or parents have safety concerns if children are on their own.

Check out the program schedule. (A print copy is also available at each library too.) The libraries have many great programs planned, new books bought, and they are ready to read.