Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Power Search

The libraries subscribe to many online databases...information from magazines, newspapers, general reference books,and health information (just to name a few) that are available to you through the library. By subscribing to this online information (this is a statewide subscription provided to Florida libraries by the State Library of Florida) you have access to many more magazines and newspapers that we could possible have in the library.

There is a new search box on the library webpage...PowerSearchIt. By putting in your search term in the PowerSearch box, you will automatically be linked to the online information and a list of results. Click on the result title that you are interested in and you can see your magazine article. You can read it online or print it out.

Magazines and newspapers provide the most current information; information in print long before a book comes out. This online information is updated each night.

If you are searching from home, put in your public library card number.